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Artificial Intelligence Supported Social Media and Web Tracking

Follow the comments written about you on the Internet with the Symetricx Social Media module and analyze them through our Deep Learning models!

Social Media Monitoring & Analysis Tools

Collect comments on the topics you specify from sites such as social media channels, forums and dictionaries. Discover our unique features for crisis management and customer satisfaction.

1-Social Media Platforms

Follow the posts from many sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Complaintvar

2-Easy Integration

All results integrate with your CRM system.

3-Deep Learning

Analyze results and take action quickly with Deep Learning technology

4-Instant Results

Listen to the comments written about you instantly.

5-Data Filtering

Filter collected data by demographic profile such as time, place, or gender

General Evaluation

Symetricx Social Media platform instantly monitors what is written about you on websites and social media and offers you insights with customized NLP models for your needs.

1- Sentiment Analysis of Comments

2- Keyword analyzes

3- Categorize complaints and their reasons automatically

4- Market research analysis.

5- Follow the trends

Deep Learning and Social Media

Analyze your categorized complaints very quickly with our NLP models with an accuracy rate of 95% and increase your customer satisfaction and referral scores!

With these models, you can add many breakdowns to your data depending on the number of data. In addition, our models train themselves autonomously at certain periods, obtaining more accurate results over time.

Analyze the data collected about you with Sentiment Analysis, Sensitivity Analysis, Language Detection, Text Classification, Intent Classification, Named Entity Recognition, Spam Detection, Keyword Extraction, Text Similarity, Text Summarization.

-Data processing with Deep Learning

-Spam comment detection

-Separate artificial intelligence module for each language

-Measurement of similarity between comments

-Time Series analysis

Data Analysis

With our Social Media module, you can filter your data according to demographic features such as location, gender, language, age, and create different graphics according to these results as you target.

Contrary to all tracking tools, with the Deep Learning algorithms we use, you can pay attention to the context in the sentence, get rid of irony and sentence disorders and operate with high accuracy rates.

Visualization and Graphics

Symetricx dashboard allows you to follow your results instantly.

-According to the need and the number of graphics you target

-Examining detailed analysis with the Drill Down feature -Filter by demographics

– Periodically transmitting the dashboard as PDF