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Voice of the Customer is a method used to present the service or product to the customer by taking action with the best quality, with insights obtained by collecting and analyzing feedback from customers. When your customers share their views in real time, they expect you to listen to their voices, take action, and share with them after you’ve completed areas of improvement. Voice of Customer programs enable businesses to respond to customer inquiries and purchasing decisions and feedback. It allows businesses to quickly identify investments that satisfy their customers, develop new products and services that directly meet their needs, and improve their strategies and processes to maximize customer satisfaction and profitability. Successful Voice of Customer programs also have a significant impact on customer loyalty. Consumers buy more from businesses that listen to and respond to their needs. Customers who receive feedback on their feedback see that they are valued and become supporters of the business and its products.
How Does the Voice of the Customer Impact Your Business?
According to research by the Aberdeen Group, best-in-class VoC users have an almost 10x year-over-year increase in company revenues. This is because by capturing VoC, you can connect and engage with customers at every touchpoint in the customer journey. This technique helps you: • Early warning and detect potential brand crisis • Evaluate new concepts, ideas and solutions • Customize your products, services, plugins and features to meet your customers’ needs and wants • Increase customer retention • What they really need your customers to do. serve with things
For an efficient and comprehensive Voice of Customer solution
A Voice of customer program with an effective and real return on investment, in general, can collect feedback from all customer contact points through the most effective channel, analyze it instantly and in an actionable manner, and can be followed up with relevant people both within the company and within the company. You need to create a structure.
Gathering feedback through different channels
It tries to measure its interactions with its customers through a single channel, which reduces the depth and accuracy of customer insights. Voice of Customer programs, which are implemented without using an Omni-Channel platform, so that feedback can be obtained from the right channels at all touch points, provides incomplete information about customers’ demands, habits and satisfaction.
Access to unlimited mobile channels with survey data
For the Voice of Customer solution, after reaching the different channel surveys, it should be followed and analyzed in the areas where it is shared such as social media shares (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, There are complaints) in its online comments. Open-ended comments are subjected to mood, topic, and intent analyzes using industry-specific natural language processing methods and pre-trained machine learning models, and unmet needs in these comments are identified.
Customizable data visualization and advanced analytics platform
It tries to measure its interactions with its customers through a single channel, which reduces the depth and accuracy of customer insights. Voice of Customer programs, which are implemented without using an Omni-Channel platform, so that feedback can be obtained from the right channels at all touch points, provides incomplete information about customers’ demands, habits and satisfaction.
Report sharing
In order to develop processes according to customer feedback and take action, the individual who is assigned a task in the institution must have access to relevant analyzes and warnings at the right time. Features such as automated report sending, instant alarms, and critical level alerts become important for managers to reach the necessary feedback at the right time and to develop a customer-oriented culture throughout the organization.
Management of feedback
In order to get back to customers with customer survey feedback, to follow the developments related to products and processes, it is necessary to assign tasks to relevant people within the organization and to be able to follow the completion processes of these tasks. For the Voice of the Customer solution, the platform must be integrated with your existing task tracking application or the task/track management module within the platform must be included. Thanks to these features of the Symetricx platform, any business can collect the voices of its customers from different channels, analyze it and take action. Thus, it can fully unlock the benefits and advantages of a successful Voice of the Customer solution and all the advantages and benefits of a successful Voice of the Customer.
VoC Application
Regardless of the industry, it costs organizations five to 25 times more to attract a new customer than to retain an existing one. Therefore, the value of retaining existing customers rather than acquiring a new one is clear. With this in mind, we will continue to focus on techniques that help retain customers at your business.
1. Customer Interviews
Customer interviews are one of the traditional techniques of collecting VoC data. It is widely used to understand specific customer perspective regarding product or service issues, attributes, and performance measures. You can choose to do this for a specific customer or a group of customers with some common characteristics. It is usually conducted face-to-face, over the phone or via e-mail. Although the cost of face-to-face meetings is the highest of all types, it is still considered the most useful form of building trusting customer relationships. This is because customers perceive this type of interaction as more personal.
2. On-site Customer Surveys
Another great way to capture VoC is to conduct onsite customer surveys. These surveys help you understand your customers and address the problems they face. But if you don’t ask the right questions with the right platform, you may never get reliable answers. That’s why you need to think a lot when designing your surveys. You can choose from different types of surveys available, such as Symetricx, yes/no type, multi-option based surveys, pop-up surveys, and text box-based surveys.
3. Recorded Call Data
Saved search data can come in handy if you plan to make use of historical data. Recorded searches with your customers can give you a broad overview of how they perceive your brand, what objections they have, and what else they expect from the brand. Although this technique requires a lot of time, it is always recommended to do it occasionally. What it will also do is help train your customer support team to better handle objections and improve your customer service.
4. Customer Comments
Your online reputation isn’t just a result of what you eventually produce – it includes all instances where your business has appeared online, including online reviews. It is essential to understand online review sites such as Siyetvar, Siayet, Siyatim, Google and their impact on your business and how you can use reviews to build your online reputation. The following examples of negative and positive reviews can help you understand your customers. Moreover, 86% of visitors are a business hesitant to buy from online negative reviews. With such statistics, it becomes very important to not only provide positive reviews but also handle negative reviews.
5. Live Chat
According to a study, 44% of online shoppers consider live chat to be the best feature an e-commerce website can have. Chatting on the spot is a great way to gather real-time customer feedback and reduce the likelihood of your customers feeling dissatisfied. The use of live chat is not limited to listening and resolving customer complaints. It is also a good tool for capturing Voice of the Customer data. For this, you can schedule a follow-up survey for all customers who connect with you via chat, as shown in the image below. You can use Symetricx Chat Boot Messages to set up and run live chat on your website.
6. Social Media
Social media is a powerful component of the feedback cocktail as it gives you the opportunity to have two-way communication with your customers. You can engage in relevant ongoing conversations, connect with those customers by actively participating, or listen quietly (while hiding and taking notes) on any of the most commonly used social platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. The key strength of social media is that it allows you to have a more direct and real-time conversation with the people who use your products or services. The following exchange is a good example: While it’s a good way to gather feedback, research trends, and create stories, it can be harder to turn it into solid data. But now you hear feedback – direct and unfiltered – from customers.
7. Website Behavior
Your website is a great place to capture the voice of customer data. Besides chat and onsite surveys, another way to collect this data is to analyze your customer behavior on the website. You can do this instantly, using tools like heatmaps, scrolls, and visitor records. You can also choose a single platform that will allow you to do all of this. With Symetricx, you won’t have to invest in multiple tools.
8. Digital Field Surveys
Choosing an offsite survey is another method for capturing the Voice of the Customer. While this is not a popular method for large business setups, it is used by many midsize businesses when conducting customer research and can be done using a tool as simple as Google Docs.
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